How to install Codeigniter in Xampp localhost

1. Download Latest Version 3.0.0 : Download Zip
2. Unzip it at your server in folder “codeigniter”. for example :xampp/htaccess/codeigniter
3. Now go to – application/config/config.php Here add base url ie. Base path of your application directory.

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For example :

4. Now to go the : application/config/database.php Add database settings here :

For Example :

5 . (Optional) : Remove Index.php from url

Create a .htaccess file at the root of the application for example at :xampp/htaccess/codeigniter – add here .htaccess file

Add the following code in the .htaccess file :

6. You are done : Now your application is ready : Hit the url : http://localhost/codeigniter you will see default welcome message